Meet Chantelle from Waxy Candles!

Get to know one of the Boss Babes featured in our February Box!

Hi! My name is Chantelle and I own a small business called Waxy Candles.  I started the brand in 2018 with only 5 products.  It has grown a great deal with over 50 products today!

How it all started? I am a candle lover! I started making my own soy wax candles after realising many of the candles I had been purchasing contained harmful products.

It didn't take long for family and friends to start commenting on the beautiful aromas around my home. Already at home looking after my young family , it made sense to start producing candles to share with the world.

Candles, Tealights, Wax melts, Reed diffusers and Oil burners are just a few of the products we now sell.  Each product is individually hand made, using only organic and locally sourced ingredients, from right here in Australia.

5% of every purchase with Waxy Candles goes towards a charity of your choice.  We have a growing list of charities we give back to including: Animals Australia, Cancer Council, and Save The Children.

By purchasing from Waxy Candles, you are not only supporting a small local business, you are also helping to give back to those in need.


Thanks Chantelle!  It is great getting to know the people behind the beautiful products we include.   It is amazing to see more and more small businesses choose to produce ethical, organic products.


Hope to chat to you all soon!


Love L & J xx




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