If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

I sat down going through the last of the April orders.  You know, the missed shipping dates, returned boxes,  and the lucky people taking advantage of our last minute specials :)  Despite the challenges I face daily,(mainly due to the humanness of family life while running a business) I sit here and think how lucky I am.

Yep, to not run out of boxes before the last orders, and for making friends with the courier so he comes to my pick-up location first so I can get these boxes out.

But also to be able to spend my days sourcing new businesses, new ethical products, new home-based start-ups, they all had an idea and ran with it.

I honestly get filled with the warmest, fuzziest, feeling each time I stumble across a new product for The Change Box.  I am astounded by the passion and love that the creators of these businesses have. Every single one of these businesses came into being because they wanted to make a difference.  They wanted to make a product that made our world just a little bit better.

These businesses give back to charities.

Mum of two created a vegan, chemical free soap in the garage.

Travelling couple want to create a platform for everyone to be able to travel Plastic Free.

Every business we use has a story.  Every product we include helps our world in some way.  Big or small.  Every Change we make in the way we live our days has an impact.

The Change Box.  We introduce you to products that will make a change.

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

So my challenge to you, what change can you make today? The smallest of changes will make a difference.