Must-have beauty essential Argan Oil

Argan oil has recently hit the headlines and chances are you won't get far before you hear something about the benefits of Argan Oil.

So what's all the hype about?


Here is what I have found and how it worked for me!

Argan Oil is often touted as "liquid Gold".  It is extracted from the kernels of The Argan Tree found in Morocco.  It is naturally rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.  Two ingredients that promote  healthy skin and hair!

As a moisturiser Argan oil absorbs easily and does not leave a greasy residue.  A few drops make it an ideal all over moisturiser.  Don't stop at your body though!  This little gem is known for it's anti-ageing properties, works great on chapped lips and leaves your skin plump and protected.

Argan oil can be used as a hair conditioner and split end treatment, leaving hair softer silkier and shinier.  Also great to tame frizzes and make hair easier to style.

Massaged into the scalp can also help with the symptoms of dry flaky scalps.

Seems a lot for one product right?  So does it work?

Used as a moisturiser it absorbed pretty quickly and left my skin feeling super soft.  I didn't look instantly younger when used on my face.... however it felt nice.

I loved this for my hair!  It definitely soothed my scalp as I am known for a dry itchy skin  I have pretty unruly hair and this tamed it right down!  It is probably the first time in five years I have not straightened it and was happy to simply brush the oil through and leave it!

All in I think it is great!

Keen to try?  If you missed this in our April box head over to

You will not only be able tp purchase this 'Liquid Gold" for your beauty and cooking needs you will be supporting an amazing social enterprise.  Here is a little from their web site

"Our pure argan oil has the power to nourish your skin, hair, and health, making you feel amazing inside and out.  But that's not all we care about!

We aim to give you a product that is high quality, natural and made with love, as well as helping make this world a better place.  We aim to bring love, kindness and compassion into every business(and life) decision we make.

……..We commit to giving over half of our profits to charity, supporting the equality of opportunities for women in rural Morocco....."


Check out what these dynamic duo have to say over on their website and pick up a bottle or two of Liquid Gold while you are there!


Luani xx