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Our  June Box featured a great little foldable water bottle from Senda Essentials.  I was lucky enough to grab an insight to what drives this travel-loving power couple!

See what they have to say in today's Change Box Blog.


We are Hayden & Carla, the Australian/Spanish couple behind Senda Essentials.

 It was on our recent trip through Asia we were hit once again by the impact plastic has in countries where logistics of waste management and environmental education are not in place.

Witnessing this we immediately realised the negative impact we were capable of having as just two of the millions of Travellers that are visiting these countries daily by simply buying bottled water. We had travelled to a developing nation where 80-90% of plastic waste is mismanaged and felt a responsibility to be part of the solution, starting our journey towards plastic free travel.


Realising the effects of our small efforts the concept for Senda was born on a motorbike trip in central Laos, started to take shape on train rides across Vietnam and became a reality in a hut by the beach of a Filipino paradise.

The goal was to create a line of products that perfectly complement each other. A combination of truly practical Essentials we would look forward to travelling with, creating a path for a plastic free trail.


Senda is the Spanish word for trail and is not simply the products we bring to you, it represents the belief that we can all reap a better tomorrow with the conscious choices made today.

We aim to become a movement that brings nature loving explorers together, a network of conscious minded travellers aware of the path we sow. It is the belief that we can all reap a better tomorrow with the conscious choices made today.


The most important thing we have learnt throughout this whole journey is that every small action really does make a difference.

As travellers we see it as a chance to leave a better trail in the places we gain so much life experience from, yet rarely get the opportunity to give back to.


Waste free travel, we promise it’s a journey worth taking.


Hayden & Karla xx


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