When did Toothpaste become Sexy?

                        Well when we discovered this Gem! (pun intended!!)

We all use it right?  But how much thought do you put into what it is you are treating your pearly whites with?  Lucky for us Georgia, the creator of Gem toothpaste has put in all the thought for us!  All we need to do is enjoy the fresh minty taste and know we are doing good for ourselves.

This is what Georgia has to say on her latest creation!!


"My name’s Georgia and I’m thrilled to introduce you to my toothpaste! I’m the founder of Gem, and I’m unnaturally obsessed with natural products. After spending years immersed in beauty products (I was once a model) and going deep on microbiome health (I once launched a Kombucha) I learned about the power of forming healthy habits, natural ingredients and the microbiome.

The more I learned, the more I started questioning the daily-use products that contradict and compromise our health standards. I was particularly struck by toothpaste… why do we use organic moisturiser on our face, then fill our mouths with the same toxins found in rat poison and toilet cleaner? My questioning inspired GEM, a toxic-free, probiotic rich toothpaste.

Gem is here to stop you nuking your mouth. It’s the new paste for a new generation and we’re making our grannies proud with an all-natural ingredient list of things you can actually pronounce. It’s free of the bad stuff, like parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS and full of the good stuff, like probiotics and natural oils. And of course, it does all the stuff you’d expect a toothpaste to do, like freshen, brighten and protect your grill. We hope you love brushing with Gem just as much as we loved creating it for you."



Ahh... and we are enjoying it Georgia! Thankyou for introducing us!